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Actions for Coordination of emergency responses

Coordination of emergency responses

Premier and Cabinet
Cross-agency collaboration
Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

The 2019–20 bushfire emergencies, and the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on the people and public sector of New South Wales. The scale of government responses to both events has also been significant and has encompassed a wide range of activities, service delivery, governance and policy. Significant resources have been directed for emergency responses, and in assisting rebuilding and economic recovery. Some systems and processes have cha

In progress

Actions for Security and privacy of patient information

Security and privacy of patient information

Cyber security
Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

Local Health Districts manage large volumes of private patient information and have their own systems for data management with differing approaches to data protection. Clinicians in busy hospital environments require timely access to data and systems to effectively treat patients. Increased accessibility may in turn increase the risk of poor data and system security practices. Recent experience in other jurisdictions has also demonstrated that operationa