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Actions for Compliance review: Cybersecurity

Compliance review: Cybersecurity

Community Services
Local Government
Premier and Cabinet
Whole of Government
Cyber security
Information technology

In February 2019 the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation launched the NSW Cyber Security Policy to ensure all NSW Government departments and public service agencies are managing cyber security risks to their information and systems. The policy mandates a number of requirements that are a minimum that all agencies must implement. In addition agencies must assess their level of cyber maturity. This audit will examine whether agencies are complyi

In progress

Actions for Coordination of Response to COVID-19

Coordination of Response to COVID-19

Premier and Cabinet
Cross-agency collaboration
Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

Coordination of Response to COVID-19 (auditees: NSW Health, NSW Police Force, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Customer Service, Resilience NSW) This audit will assess the effectiveness of NSW Government agencies’ coordination of the COVID-19 response in selected LGAs (an “LGA of concern” and a regional LGA) after June 2021. We will address the audit objective with the following lines of inquiry: Line of Inquiry 1: Coordinated response


Actions for Investment in regional development

Investment in regional development

Whole of Government
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery

In 2017, the NSW Government announced a Regional Development Framework which provides a scaffold for better coordination, decision making and effort on the ground. The NSW Government recognised the need to be more strategic and better coordinated if it is to make a difference, particularly in addressing some of the serious issues facing regional NSW such as pockets of youth unemployment, social disadvantage, changing economic opportunities and increased