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Actions for Development applications: assessment and determination stages

Development applications: assessment and determination stages

Local Government
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery

A development application (DA) is a formal application for development that requires consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. It is usually lodged with the local council for processing and determination, and consists of standard application forms, supporting technical reports and plans.  The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE)’s ‘Development Assessment Best Practice Guide' describes the development assessment pr

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Actions for Planning and managing bushfire equipment

Planning and managing bushfire equipment

Community Services

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is responsible for preventing, mitigating, and suppressing fires in rural fire districts and is the lead combat agency for bush and grass fires in the State. The NSW RFS works alongside local councils, government agencies, and other statutory fire authorities to coordinate and oversee bushfire prevention. Local councils are responsible for establishing rural fire brigades, preparing bushfire risk managemen

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Actions for Use of consultants

Use of consultants


Audit background NSW Government agencies engage consultants to provide advice to inform their decision-making. Using consultants can provide access to skills that are not necessary, sensible or economic for an agency to build or maintain itself. However, there are risks associated with the use of consultants. Some of these risks were raised in our State Finances 2021 report. The NSW Government made a commitment in 2019 to reduce spending on consultants

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Actions for NSW COVID-19 vaccine rollout

NSW COVID-19 vaccine rollout


This audit will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of NSW Health’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. It will have a particular focus on whether NSW Health: set vaccination targets, supported by evidence effectively and efficiently managed the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine effectively and efficiently managed demand.

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Actions for Biodiversity offsets

Biodiversity offsets

Management and administration

The NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme is intended to offset impacts on biodiversity due to development (for example: roads, buildings, and other infrastructure) that cannot otherwise be avoided. It aims to do this through in-perpetuity stewardship agreements with landholders to better manage biodiversity, generating credits that offset obligations created by development. This audit will assess whether the Department of Planning and Environment and the Bio

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Actions for Grants administration for disaster relief: bushfire recovery grants (also including Resilience NSW)

Grants administration for disaster relief: bushfire recovery grants (also including Resilience NSW)


Following the 2019-20 bushfires, the NSW Government established the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Package (BLER) to support job creation and retention in bushfire impacted areas, strengthen community resilience and reduce the impact of future disasters. Over $500 million is available through the BLER, which is co-funded with the Commonwealth. Stage one of the BLER distributed $180 million, split between 22 identified fast-tracked infrastructure proje

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Actions for NSW Trustee and Guardian

NSW Trustee and Guardian

Community Services

NSW Trustee and Guardian is appointed to provide financial management and guardianship advice and services to over 18,000 clients who are unable to manage their own affairs. This involves making ‘substitute decisions’ for clients to manage their health, lifestyle and financial affairs. This audit will consider whether NSW Trustee and Guardian effectively provides financial management and guardianship services in line with legislative principles which req

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Actions for Student attendance

Student attendance


Poor attendance at school is related to poor student outcomes, particularly once patterns of non-attendance have been established. It is important that schools have reliable procedures and systems that record student attendance accurately to enable schools to identify whether any interventions or additional support is required. Poor attendance is a particular issue for Aboriginal students. In Semester 1 2021, there was a gap in attendance rates between

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Actions for Coordination of Response to COVID-19

Coordination of Response to COVID-19

Premier and Cabinet
Cross-agency collaboration
Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

Coordination of Response to COVID-19 (auditees: NSW Health, NSW Police Force, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Customer Service, Resilience NSW) This audit will assess the effectiveness of NSW Government agencies’ coordination of the COVID-19 response in selected LGAs (an “LGA of concern” and a regional LGA) after June 2021. We will address the audit objective with the following lines of inquiry: Line of Inquiry 1: Coordinated response

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Actions for Cyber Security NSW

Cyber Security NSW

Cyber security
Information technology

Audit background Cyber Security NSW (CS NSW) was established in 2019 in response to the 2018 performance audit report, Detecting and Responding to Cyber Security Incidents. That audit found that there was no whole-of-government capability to detect and respond effectively to cyber security incidents. CS NSW is relatively new and operates within the Department of Customer Service (DCS) with a large scope of responsibilities. As such, the focus of this au