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Actions for Volume Four 2013 focusing on Electricity

Volume Four 2013 focusing on Electricity

Financial reporting

During the year, Treasury issued TC 13/01 ‘Mandatory early close procedures for 2013’. This circular aimed to improve the quality and timeliness of agencies’ annual financial statements. In 2012-13, application of the circular was made mandatory for State owned corporations. As a result, the NSW Generators, Distributors and Transgrid were required to perform the early close procedures. All the electricity entities were broadly successful in performing th


Actions for Volume One 2013 focusing on themes from 2012

Volume One 2013 focusing on themes from 2012

Whole of Government
Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management
Shared services and collaboration
Workforce and capability

This overview summarises the significant findings included in my 2012 financial audit report, volumes three to eleven, and highlights NSW agencies’ overall achievements and challenges. The overview summarises key themes and messages arising from these audits to help readers understand common findings. Agencies and their audit and risk committees can use the overview to self-assess and identify issues that may be relevant to their organisations. It found