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Actions for Review of Eight Agencies' Annual Reports

Review of Eight Agencies' Annual Reports

Whole of Government
Management and administration

Overall, we found there have been some improvements in the quality of annual reports since 2000. Most agencies now report key outcomes and results, provide performance data and trends and employ both qualitative and quantitative measures of performance. However, there was considerable variation in the quality of performance information in annual reports. Some agencies still focus on reporting activities and projects rather than outcomes and results. And


Actions for Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Premier and Cabinet
Management and administration
Service delivery

Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinators and their staff were supportive of the legislation. However, the agencies examined can do considerably more to fully achieve the intentions of the Act. On the positive side, all three agencies had processes in place to handle requests and had made a number of changes to improve the effectiveness of the FOI process. Fees and charges had also been kept to a minimum. No processing fees were requested in the majority


Actions for Northside Storage Tunnel Project

Northside Storage Tunnel Project

Internal controls and governance
Project management
Service delivery

The Northside Storage Tunnel was the first major public sector construction project using an alliance approach. In our opinion, the outcome of the project suggests that an alliance approach, when applied to a suitable project and managed appropriately, can support positive project outcomes. And in many respects the Alliance worked well. There are, however, a number of issues that we believe need to be addressed for future alliances.   Parliamentary ref