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Actions for Delivering Health Care out of Hospitals

Delivering Health Care out of Hospitals

Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery
Workforce and capability

Area Health Services and hospitals have developed programs which can provide clinical outcomes as good for patients as in-hospital care and can reduce the time they spend in hospital. They have operated for several years and show considerable potential. Ageing of the population, increasing costs and higher expectations of health care will continue to challenge health systems. Sometimes, unfortunately, the system struggles to cope.    Parliamentary refe


Actions for Review of Walsh Bay

Review of Walsh Bay

Management and administration
Project management

The decision to seek development of Walsh Bay without a Master Plan and/or detailed study as to the state of the precinct presented significant problems throughout the life of the project. Now, four years later, negotiations still continue on the details of the final scheme. Based on the latest estimates, it will not provide a financial return as was originally expected. The audit found no evidence to indicate why the former Government wished to expedite