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Actions for Government office accommodation

Government office accommodation

Asset valuation
Management and administration

The Audit Office has undertaken an audit on Government Office Accommodation. The audit examined the cost effectiveness of long-term leasing versus ownership and the housing of agencies involved with the delivery of core government activities.  Core activities are those intrinsically linked to basic and ongoing functions of Government and Parliament. It recommends that: the Government consider owning office accommodation, as opposed to leasing, for it


Actions for Review of Eastern Distributor

Review of Eastern Distributor

Project management

Following a resolution of the Legislative Council, the Audit Office has undertaken a performance audit of the Eastern Distributor. For a number of reasons, The Audit Office is not in the position to determine “whether the proposed toll and concession period represents the best deal”. In part this is the result of time constraints which do not allow a careful analysis of many toll and concession options. Similarly, the audit does not answer “whether the c


Actions for Large residential centres for people with a disability in NSW

Large residential centres for people with a disability in NSW

Community Services
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery

The audit reviewed policies and practices in large government and non-government residential centres to determine if policies and practices protected the human and legal rights, safety and dignity of residents. The report indicates that practices in both government and non-government centres fail to protect adequately the human and legal rights, safety and dignity of residents. Factors contributing to this situation are the absence of minimum criteria f


Actions for Immunisation in NSW

Immunisation in NSW

Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

Improving immunisation levels has been a policy priority for NSW and Commonwealth governments since the early 1990s. Along with other States they are pursuing a range of initiatives aimed at reaching immunisation target levels above 95% by the year 2000. At such levels, the occurrence of vaccine preventable diseases is minimised and their spread prevented. There is considerable support for this policy from the public, the medical profession and all leve