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Actions for Government Licensing Project

Government Licensing Project

Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management
Shared services and collaboration

The Government Licensing Project (GLP) is standardising and simplifying processes of agencies which issue licences. However, it is currently running over the original anticipated completion date, exceeding the original budget and expected to produce savings less than originally planned.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #192 - released 7 October 2009


Actions for Electronic Procurement of Hospital Supplies

Electronic Procurement of Hospital Supplies

Information technology
Management and administration

Reform of procurement in the NSW public health system is a huge, complex and difficult task. Much thought has been given to this reform. An immense amount of planning and preparatory work is required, and is apparent. In our opinion, at this time, the NSW public health system is making only limited progress towards achieving the economies in purchasing that its size and market dominance could deliver. While millions of dollars in savings are potentially