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Actions for Electronic Procurement of Hospital Supplies

Electronic Procurement of Hospital Supplies

Information technology
Management and administration

Reform of procurement in the NSW public health system is a huge, complex and difficult task. Much thought has been given to this reform. An immense amount of planning and preparatory work is required, and is apparent. In our opinion, at this time, the NSW public health system is making only limited progress towards achieving the economies in purchasing that its size and market dominance could deliver. While millions of dollars in savings are potentially


Actions for Government Property Register

Government Property Register

Asset valuation
Management and administration
Shared services and collaboration

Despite the issue being on the agenda for many years (formally, at least since 1988), at present there is not a comprehensive record of all government property assets in NSW. Whilst initiatives currently underway are promising, they will require continued priority to achieve tangible results. And careful coordination will be required to avoid duplication and waste.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #93 - released 31 January 2002