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Actions for Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Premier and Cabinet
Whole of Government
Management and administration
Workforce and capability

NSW public sector sick leave is higher than other States. The NSW public sector has the highest reported public sector sick leave in Australia. Public sector efforts to reduce sick leave over the last five years has seen a fall of a quarter of a day since 2004-05, less than its target of one day. On average, public sector workers take just over eight days sick leave annually. Recent surveys of public and private sector organisations show that sick leave


Actions for Electronic Information Security

Electronic Information Security

Whole of Government
Cyber security
Internal controls and governance

The Government is not able to provide assurance that it is safeguarding its holdings of sensitive personal information because its policy has not been properly implemented. This is likely to remain the case until there are clear, mandatory, minimum standards that agencies sign up to, and scrutiny of performance against these standards is strengthened.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #207 - released 20 October 2010