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Actions for School Annual Reports

School Annual Reports

Management and administration

We believe that school reports are an excellent concept. However, in their present form they are not an effective means of holding a school accountable. Successive performance audits by our Office have identified significant shortcomings in the reports. This is not so much the fault of the schools. The reporting content is largely optional. There is limited opportunity to compare performance. And the highly restrictive reporting protocols lead to reports


Actions for Managing Sick Leave

Managing Sick Leave

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Workforce and capability

The NSW Police and Department of Corrective Services (DCS) have committed to improve performance and productivity in their organisations. Both agencies have introduced several initiatives to promote the health, safety and welfare of their personnel. In addition the DCS policy provides for acknowledgements and sanctions based on the amount of medically uncertified leave taken by the employee. There are additional steps that could be taken to improve the m