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Actions for Government Advertising 2007

Government Advertising 2007

Premier and Cabinet
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

Since our performance audit in 1995 the government has improved guidance for agencies and introduced a more robust framework for approving advertising campaigns. Greater rigour has been introduced into the process by requiring campaigns to be peer reviewed and approved by Cabinet. This new approach aims to improve the effectiveness and value for money of government advertising. We found however that the current guidelines are not adequate to prevent the


Actions for Using computers in schools for teaching and learning: Follow-up audit

Using computers in schools for teaching and learning: Follow-up audit

Information technology
Management and administration
Service delivery
Workforce and capability

We consider that students and teachers have significantly better access to computers than was the case when we did our 2000 audit. Teachers and students are also increasingly using computers for teaching and learning. The Department of Education and Training has been proactive in advancing Information Communication Technology (ICT) into schools. However we found that teachers and students are less likely to use computers if there are problems with infras