Use of the internet and related technologies to improve public sector performance


Notwithstanding the considerable effort, it is not apparent that the Government's vision can be fully achieved without increased efforts. Based on the current position, to ensure that the Government's vision can be achieved the Audit Office is of the view that the following key issues need to be urgently addressed: 

  • more robust mechanisms are needed to monitor, review and report publicly on progress and benefits

  • a greater emphasis should be placed on central coordination to ensure that agencies act in a more uniform and integrated manner  

  • the achievement of significant reform of business processes will require a substantial strengthening of accountability mechanisms and more comprehensive, rigorous and systematic approaches to e-government project and risk management. 

  • despite an array of guidance material and support provided by central agencies, line agency needs for assistance do not seem to be being met to sufficiently advance matters across the sector at the pace and scope desired

  • the Government’s e-government aspirations and funding are not always effectively harmonised. Agencies typically have limited resources available to trial or experience new technologies, and display an aversion to the associated risks.


Parliamentary reference - Report number #87 - released 19 September 2001