Their Futures Matter
Undertaking in 2020


In 2016, the NSW Government announced funding of $190 million over four years to support the establishment of Their Futures Matter (TFM). TFM is a whole-of-government reform to deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families. TFM aims to achieve this by transforming the way Human Services agencies interact with each other and support vulnerable families. The reform is supported by the Stronger Communities Investment unit, a specialised unit within the Department of Communities and Justice.

TFM aims to direct and prioritise investment to solutions that achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes that transcend agency silos, through:

  • data analytics that target services and resource allocation
  • the design and delivery of wrap-around support packages based on cohort need
  • evidence informed service intervention models and initiatives
  • seeking opportunities to improve the intake, assessment and referral system to respond to the needs of clients

This audit will assess whether the TFM reform has effective governance and partnership arrangements in place to enable an evidence-based early intervention investment approach for vulnerable children and families in NSW.