Supporting students with a disability


Around one in five New South Wales public school students have a disability (183,000 students in 2022). Eighty-six per cent of students with disability learn in mainstream classes in mainstream schools, 11% learn in support classes in mainstream schools, and 3% in schools for specific purposes (SSPs). The Department of Education’s Disability Strategy (2019) committed to build a more inclusive education system and identified actions across four key reform areas:

  • Strengthen support: investing in teachers and other support staff
  • Increase resources and flexibility: enabling schools to operate with more flexibility
  • Improve the family experience: making experiences better and easier
  • Track outcomes: building an evidence base to measure progress. 

This audit will assess whether the department is effectively supporting students with disability in NSW public schools. 

Where to get help

If you have questions or feedback about individual matters, you can:

  • contact the NSW Department of Education through the website
  • make a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman online or by calling 1800 451 524.