Student attendance


Poor attendance at school is related to poor student outcomes, particularly once patterns of non-attendance have been established. It is important that schools have reliable procedures and systems that record student attendance accurately to enable schools to identify whether any interventions or additional support is required.

Poor attendance is a particular issue for Aboriginal students. In Semester 1 2021, there was a gap in attendance rates between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal students of almost ten percentage points (80.7% for Aboriginal students and 90.6% for non-Aboriginal students).

This audit will consider whether the Department of Education has comprehensive information on student attendance and uses this information to inform effective strategies to improve attendance.

Where to get help

If you have questions or feedback about management of attendance for individual students, you can:

  • contact your local school directly to talk about your concerns

  • contact the Department of Education to make a complaint through the website 

  • make a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman through the website or by calling 1800 451 524.