Overseeing heritage assets


Audit background

State heritage listing in New South Wales provides formal recognition that an asset has historical or cultural significance that is rare, exceptional or outstanding beyond a local area. Items of State heritage significance include assets such as places, buildings, works, relics, moveable objects, or precincts. Heritage NSW in the Department of Planning and Environment administers the Heritage Act 1977, including delegated functions from the Heritage Council of NSW. The Act provides the framework for the identification, conservation and adaptive re-use of heritage assets – including for over 1,800 items of State significance on the State Heritage Register.

Audit objective

This audit will assess how effectively the Department of Planning and Environment (Heritage NSW) is overseeing and administering heritage assets of State significance. The assessment includes the department’s oversight of NSW Government and privately owned assets and will cover the following activities and functions:

  • administrative processes for listings, amendments, and enquiries
  • controls and governance arrangements supporting advice and decisions
  • compliance and enforcement activities
  • support, guidance and education provided to assist owners
  • strategic planning and preparedness for reform.

Estimated tabling period

June 2023

Agencies audited

Department of Planning and Environment

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