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NSW Trustee and Guardian is appointed to provide financial management and guardianship advice and services to over 18,000 clients who are deemed by a court or tribunal unable to manage their own affairs. This involves making ‘substitute decisions’ for clients to manage their health, lifestyle and financial affairs. This audit will consider whether NSW Trustee and Guardian effectively provides financial management and guardianship services in line with legislative requirements and legislative principles, and National Standards. Legislated principles require NSW Trustee and Guardian to take account of these clients’ views, give primary consideration to their welfare and interests, restrict their freedom of decision and action as little as possible, encourage their self-reliance and protect them from neglect, abuse and exploitation.

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If you have experiences or views on NSW Trustee and Guardian, you can share them with the Audit Office. 

We will consider all feedback as we audit NSW Trustee and Guardian.

However, please note that we will not investigate individual cases, matters or complaints. Please contact the NSW Ombudsman (details below).

We will not share or publish feedback (including submissions) on our website. For more information on our confidentiality obligations, please visit Our confidentiality and reporting obligations for contributions page.

The Auditor-General focuses on assessing whether NSW Government activities are efficient, effective, economical and in compliance with the law.

Under section 27B(6) of the Government Sector Audit Act 1983, the Auditor-General cannot question the merits of government policy objectives. This means that the audit cannot look at whether or not ‘substitute decision making’ arrangements should exist. We also cannot examine the making of guardianship or financial management orders by courts or tribunals in individual cases. 

Feedback will be accepted until COB Wednesday 30 November 2022.

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Where to get help

If you have questions or feedback about individual cases under NSW Trustee and Guardian financial management and/or guardianship, you can:

  • Contact the NSW Trustee and Guardian directly for information, to make a complaint or request a review of their decision through the website or by calling 1800 451 510 (regarding Guardianship) or 02 8688 2600 (regarding all other services).
  • Make a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman through the website or by calling 1800 451 524.