Managing Air Quality


Air is fundamental to our existence.

The quality of our air is a key issue for everyone. It directly affects our health. It also affects our environment, and can even affect our economy.

And air pollution does not respect geo-political boundaries. Pollution produced locally may have regional and global implications.

The substances which may pollute our air can interact in complex ways, which even the best scientists do not fully understand. Strategies that reduce some types of air pollution can make others worse.

All this points to the need for a well-planned and coordinated approach with effective monitoring, review and reporting.

The Government’s plans to address air quality issues place particular emphasis on pollution from road transport as a major contributor to air pollution. Managing these emissions is a critical issue facing governments everywhere, and is an important part of a broader challenge of developing sustainable cities.

This performance audit examines the New South Wales Government’s approach to managing air quality. It is also one of several by my Office in recent times with an environmental focus.

These audits contribute to an understanding of complex issues in public administration and to public debate on issues that affect us all.


Parliamentary reference - Report number #134 - released 6 April 2005