Fraud Control: Current Progress and Future Directions


Periodically we review the extent to which agencies have implemented the recommendations they accept from our earlier audits. This gives Parliament and the public an update on the extent of progress made.

Given the size of the NSW public sector, the potential for fraud could run into billions of dollars if not properly managed. It is an area of risk that warrants close and ongoing attention. Over the last decade, we have responded by issuing three performance audits and a comprehensive guide to better practice on this topic.

In conducting my financial audits, there is now an Auditing Standard that requires me to seek annual assurances from every agency concerning the adequacy of their arrangements for fraud control. This latest performance audit provides a further report card on the extent to which the NSW public sector is managing its fraud risks.

This Report also provides updated guidance on improving arrangements for fraud control both at a whole-of-government level and at the agency level.

I commend the Report for close and careful attention by every agency.


Parliamentary reference - Report number #130 - released 9 February 2005