1999-2000 Millenium date rollover: Preparedness of the NSW Public Sector


Overall, The Audit Office found that the NSW public sector is not as prepared as it could be. Beginning in May 1996, the Department of Public Works and Services (DPWS) commenced a program to increase awareness of, report on and assist agencies with Year 2000 issues. However, significant areas of risk are still yet to be fully assessed, and action to resolve and implement appropriate solutions are lagging in areas of the public sector. A substantial acceleration and expansion of Year 2000 related activity is essential over the next twelve months to address this situation. In broad terms, the Year 2000 problem could affect both information technology (IT) and non IT. The latter includes systems dependent upon programmable logic controllers. These drive machines and equipment, including building services and medical equipment.


Parliamentary reference - Report number #43 - released 8 December 1997