Volume Five 2013 focusing on Education

Ageing profile of teachers

There are 48,624 permanent school teachers in NSW public schools, an increase of 97 from 2012. Almost 54 per cent of these teachers are 45 years of age or older.

In Coastal New South Wales the percentage of teachers younger than 40 is significantly lower, and those older than 50 significantly higher than the State average.

The government has announced plans worth $155 million to give greater support to new teachers in NSW Government schools and attract the best and brightest into teaching. Other key aspects of the reform include initiatives to:

  • strengthen the professional experience in partnership with universities

  • improve the evidence base for our teaching workforce

  • provide support for beginning teachers

  • streamline probation and accreditation processes

  • improve induction support for beginning permanent, temporary and casual teachers.

Update on Learning Management and Business Reform Program (LMBR)

The Department of Education and Communities implemented the Human Resources/Payroll system, as part of the LMBR program, at four TAFE NSW Institutes.

The original program was to be delivered in two phases over eight years and expected to incur capital costs of $386 million. The capital budget increased to $397 million during 2012-13.  The success of the department’s future programs, such as the Local Schools, Local Decisions reform, relies heavily on the success of the LMBR program.

Further information

Barry Underwood, Executive Officer, on 9275 7220 or 0403 073 664; email: barry.underwood@audit.nsw.gov.au