Media release: Ensuring contract management capability in government - Department of Education

In a report released today, the Auditor-General for New South Wales, Margaret Crawford, examined whether the Department of Education has the required contract management capability to effectively manage high-value goods and services contracts (over $250,000). In 2017–18, the department managed high-value goods and services contracts worth $3.08 billion, with most of the contracts running over multiple years.

The report found that the Department of Education has relevant procedures and policies for goods and services contract management and has set out the required capabilities for contract management roles. The report also identified some areas where the department could improve the guidance it provides to contract managers to ensure its contracts are performing and highlighted a program that was not compliant with the department’s policies.

The report recommends that the department:

  • implements contract management plans for all contracts, consistent with the department’s policy
  • develops a risk-based framework for validating contract performance information. 

Further information

Please contact Barry Underwood, Director of the Office of the Auditor-General by email or on 9275 7101 or 0403 073 664