Education 2017

The Auditor-General, Margaret Crawford released her report today on the results of the financial audits of agencies in the Education cluster. The report focuses on key observations and findings from the most recent audits of these agencies.

'I am pleased to report that unqualified audit opinions were issued on the financial statements for all agencies in the Education cluster', the Auditor-General said. 'The quality and timeliness of financial reporting remains strong'.

The number of students enrolled in New South Wales public schools continues to grow at a significant rate. The Department now has a School Assets Strategic Plan designed to ensure there are sufficient fit-for-purpose places for students up to 2031. While the Government has yet to agree to fully fund the Department’s Plan, it has approved a ten-year capital planning limit for school infrastructure from 2017 18. Previously, the Department had a rolling four-year capital planning limit which did not provide the flexibility needed for the Department to manage its allocations and respond to emerging challenges.

Further information

Barry Underwood, Director, Office of the Auditor-General, on 0403 073 664 and email