Additional Entitlements for Members of Parliament 2016

For the year ended 30 June 2016, the Members of NSW Parliament reviewed generally complied with requirements of the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination when spending their additional entitlements, according to a report released today by the New South Wales Auditor-General, Margaret Crawford.

Additional entitlements cover such expenses as travel, accommodation, printing, stationery and temporary staff. They are separate from the Members’ basic salary, and other salaries and expense allowances paid to ministers and certain other office holders.

Instances of noncompliance related to a small number of Members who did not complete reconciliations or submit declarations on time. One Member did not return an allowance on time and another claimed reimbursement of expenditure unrelated to parliamentary duties.

Enhanced reporting of Members' expenditure claims is recommended

Last year's Auditor-General's Report to Parliament recommended the Tribunal consider, as a part of the next Determination review process, requiring the Department of Parliamentary Services to regularly publish full details of Members' expenditure claims on its website in an accessible and searchable format. The Tribunal has not yet issued a new Determination since the recommendation was made.

'I am looking forward to the Tribunal addressing my recommendation in its 2017 Determination,' said the Auditor-General.

Members claimed 3.5 per cent less expenditure in 2015–16 compared to 2014–15

Members’ claimed $21.4 million of additional entitlements in 2015–16, 3.5 per cent lower than the $22.2 million claimed in the previous year. The additional spending by Members in 2014–15 was due to the March 2015 State election.

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