Premier and Cabinet


Progress and measurement of the Premier's Priorities

The Premier has established 12 priority areas that focus on growing the economy, delivering infrastructure, protecting the vulnerable and improving education, health and public services across NSW. Agencies are assisted in implementing these priorities by the Premier’s Implementation Unit (PIU) within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. This audit will assess whether the PIU is effective in facilitating progress of the Premier’s Priorities and reporting progress to the public. To do this, the audit will assess whether:

  • Target measures and information used to oversee and accurately report progress on the Premier’s Priorities are sufficient and reliable.
  • The PIU is effective at supporting Agencies to advance the Premier’s Priorities.
The audit is expected to table in June 2018.

Regional assistance programs  

See full description under Transport.

Unsolicited proposal to acquire 50 per cent of Ausgrid

See full description under Treasury


Government advertising

Annual review as above.

Social benefit bonds

Social benefit bonds are a financial instrument that pays a return based on achieving agreed social outcomes. It is a special type of payment-by-results contract, where private investors provide working capital to a service provider to deliver an intervention. The Government's policy to expand the scope of Social Benefit Bonds in NSW was implemented in 2015. This audit may consider how the Government has worked with stakeholders to ensure that opportunities to leverage this model are being used.

Local Government Reforms

See full description under Local Government.