Delivery of capital works

The Department of Justice manages extensive infrastructure assets for prisons and courts in NSW. In 2016-17, the Department received an additional $1 billion in capital investment to address prison overcrowding and capacity of courts across NSW.

This audit may examine the Department’s procurement and program management processes to ensure that this extensive capital investment program is well managed.

Managing the prison bed capacity program

Description pending.

Risk management culture and capability (in progress)

See full description under Treasury.


Emergency management

Emergency management is a common public safety service delivered by governments in all jurisdictions. This topic has been proposed as a concurrent audit with other Australian Audit Offices. The scope of the audit will be developed in collaboration with our participating counterparts and may examine areas of common interest in each jurisdiction.

Victims Support Scheme

The Victims Support Scheme in NSW was introduced in 2013. The Scheme helps victims of crime in NSW access services such as counselling and financial entitlements to assist in their recovery.

This audit may examine how the Victims Support Scheme is managed and whether it is achieving good outcomes for the people it intends to assist.

Criminal court efficiency

Description pending.

Firearms regulation

Description pending.