Values, Culture and Diversity 

At the Audit Office we hire professional people with purpose.  Our core values are:

  • Purpose—we have an impact, are accountable, and work as a team.
  • People—we trust and respect others and have a balanced approach to work.
  • Professionalism—we are recognised for our independence and integrity and the value we deliver.

We trust our people to make a difference and to work with professionalism and integrity. We also provide a respectful and supportive work environment that allows our people to balance their work with their personal lives. Our people have a strong purpose in improving the workings of NSW government for the benefit of the community.

We welcome people from many different backgrounds and cultures and respect the unique point of view each person brings to our business. Diversity makes us a more vibrant, interesting and ultimately stronger organisation and is fundamental to our values and culture.

About 40 per cent of our staff come from a non-English speaking background, and about 50 per cent are women. We are proud of the fact that we proactively support staff with disabilities and follow the principle of inclusion in everything we do.

We hire and promote our people on the basis of their professional ability, knowledge and expertise, and academic achievements. At the Audit Office, we understand that the world and the business environment we operate in is changing rapidly and we welcome and embrace this change. We welcome people to the Audit Office who share this attitude to change and the increased diversity such change brings.


Meet our people

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The Audit Office is one of the top 100 employers for graduates.

Our latest annual report

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