The changing face of the audit office


Over 200 years there have been many talented and hard-working public sector auditors in New South Wales. People, and a commitment to their development and wellbeing, have been instrumental to the Audit Office’s enduring independence and quality of work. Diversity – of backgrounds and perspectives – is highly valued. The people of the Audit Office reflect the communities and citizens of New South Wales. 

Our values are pride in purpose, curiosity and open-mindedness, valuing of people, contagious integrity, and courage (even when it’s uncomfortable). Read more here.

Gender Equity

People are the heart of the Audit Office

A blend of many cultures and backgrounds make up the diverse canvas of the Audit Office. It’s a place where everyone can comfortably express all aspects of their identities with numerous celebrations for various cultural and diversity events held through the year.

The Audit Office recognises the positive contribution that volunteers make and encourages employees to volunteer in projects that invest in local communities and have meaningful impact. In 2023, as part of the Audit Office’s volunteering initiative, some staff members volunteered at Foodbank NSW and ACT. The Audit Office also supports part-time members of the Australian Defence Force.

Celebrating our First Nations peoples

Inclusion for all people

The Audit Office of New South Wales recognises that by embracing the different experiences, skills, perspectives and talents of all people in our organisation we not only create a culture of participation, and respect, but we increase innovation, creativity and overall organisational performance. Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan seeks to meet the needs of people with a disability and to increase accessibility to information, services and the workplace.