About the Auditor-General for New South Wales

The Auditor-General for New South Wales helps the Parliament of New South Wales hold government accountable for its use of public resources. The Auditor-General is responsible for audits of NSW government entities, universities, and local councils, and also provides certain assurance services for Commonwealth grants and payments to the State under Commonwealth legislation. 

The Auditor-General is accountable to the Parliament of New South Wales and regularly reports to Parliament on audits conducted. The Auditor-General is appointed by the Governor of New South Wales for a term of eight years, and is not eligible for reappointment.

William Lithgow was the first held the role, initially as Comptroller of Accounts, and subsequently as Colonial Auditor, in 1824. The assurances and insights provided by 23 Auditors-General and the Audit Office of New South Wales over 200 years have improved how our community is served, and the role has become fundamental to our form of the Westminster system of government.