Auditing - more than you think

Auditing - then and now

Auditing is one of the most ancient of all professions. Records of possessions can be traced far back in history, the earliest examples of accounting records being found in ancient Mesopotamia. Scribes usually kept records of items such as livestock,  grain or wine on clay tablets. Today, the profession of auditing has evolved to be much more than counting sheep! In the Westminster system of government, it is an integral part of ensuring transparency and accountability in the public service.

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How do you become an auditor?

There are many ways to start an auditing career, including through the Audit Office’s graduate program.

The Audit Office’s graduate program is highly respected in the public sector for its comprehensive development of professionals. The program combines practical experience, training and mentoring with support to obtain professional qualifications, such as those offered by CPA Australia, CA ANZ and the Institute of Public Accountants.

It is also a great way to meet people and form friendships with others, many of whom you’ll know for the years to come. Hear from Scott Stanton, who started out as a graduate with the Audit Office in the 1980s, and 30 years later he is one of our Assistant Auditors-General. 


Since 1987, more than 500 graduates have been developed by the Audit Office. 

Hear first-hand from the people who have been part of the program.