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Unsolicited proposal to acquire 50 per cent of Ausgrid

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Government Advertising

The Government Advertising Act 2011 (the Act) requires the Auditor-General to conduct a performance audit in relation to at least one government advertising campaign in each financial year. The performance audit assesses whether advertising campaigns were carried out effectively, economically and efficiently and in compliance with the Act, the regulations, other laws and the Government Advertising Guidelines. This audit will examine two campaigns:

  • TAFE NSW’s Semester 1 2018 recruitment campaign
  • the Green Slip reform campaign run by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

The audit is expected to table in December 2018.


Unsolicited proposal to acquire 50 per cent of Ausgrid

In 2016, the NSW Government held a competitive tender process for the partial lease of a 50.4 per cent interest in Ausgrid, however, the Commonwealth Government blocked the NSW Government from accepting a bid from Chinese backed consortia on national security grounds.

On 23 September 2016,  the NSW Government announced it had received an unsolicited proposal to acquire the 50.4 per cent interest in Ausgrid. On 20 October 2016, the NSW Government announced it had accepted the unsolicited proposal, delivering $16.2 billion gross (estimated to be around $6 billion net) to the NSW Government.

This performance audit will examine how the 'uniqueness' criteria required to accept an unsolicited proposal was satisfied, how value for money was established, how probity was assured, and the governance arrangements required by relevant guidelines.


Matching skills training with market need

The NSW Government recognises the need for an educated and skilled workforce to drive a productive economy, support workforce participation and grow industry and business. In 2015, the NSW Government implemented reforms in the vocational education and training sector aimed at getting more people trained while maximising public value for the government’s investment. This reform is called ‘Smart and Skilled’.

This audit will assess the effectiveness of the Department of Industry in identifying, prioritising, and aligning course subsidies to the skill needs of NSW. In making this assessment, the audit will examine whether:

  • The Department of Industry effectively identifies and prioritises present and future skill needs
  • Smart and Skilled funding is aligned with the priority skill areas
  • Skill needs and available VET courses are effectively communicated to potential participants and providers.

The audit will focus on the NSW Skills List under the Smart and Skilled program. 


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