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Property asset utilisation

In response to recommendations of the Property Asset Utilisation Taskforce the NSW Government set out in 2012 operational and guiding property principles that Property NSW and NSW Government agencies must follow. Property NSW was assigned the mandate to improve the management of the NSW Government's owned and leased real property portfolio.

The aim of the audit is to assess whether Property NSW is effective in its management of NSW Government owned and leased property.

This audit may examine the effectiveness and efficiency of Property NSW's initiatives to improve the management of NSW Government's owned and leased property portfolio.

ICT Investment Assurance Framework

In 2016, the NSW Government strengthened the information and communications technology (ICT) investment assurance framework (IAF). The IAF applies an independent risk-based assurance process for the State’s capital and recurrent funded ICT projects to identify the level of confidence that can be provided to the nominated sub-committees of Cabinet that the State’s ICT projects are being effectively developed and delivered in accordance with the Government’s objectives.

This audit may examine a selection of large ICT projects to determine whether the IAF is effective in providing independent assurance that projects address priority needs, the best options to address these needs are selected, costs are controlled well and variations properly justified and approved.

Ensuring contract management capability in government

Effective contract management requires an appropriate contract management framework that addresses governance arrangements, skills, roles and responsibilities, and policies and procedures. It should promote accountability for decision making and expenditure of public funds. A robust contract management framework helps ensure all parties meet their obligations, contractual relationships are well managed, agencies achieve value for money and deliverables meet the required standards and agreed timeframes. An effective framework should also provide guidance for managing contract variations well.

This audit may consider whether agencies have the contract management capabilities needed to effectively manage different types of contracts with different risks, scale and complexity.  

Cyber security

Description pending.