Our plan for 2018-19


The following performance audits are planned for completion in 2018–19. Our aim is to complete 20 audits*.

July to September 2018 quarter
  • Antisocial behaviour in social housing (Family and Community Services (FACS) cluster)
  • Property asset utilisation (Finance, Services and Innovation (FSI) cluster)
  • Premier’s and State priorities – assessing performance (Premier and Cabinet (PC) cluster)
  • Mobile speed cameras (Transport cluster)
October to December 2018 quarter
  • Newcastle urban transformation and transport program (Transport cluster)
  • Government advertising (PC cluster)
January to March 2019 quarter
  • Supply of secondary teachers in STEM‑related disciplines (Education cluster)                
  • Management of the NSW firearms licensing and registration scheme (Justice cluster)
  • Access to transport for people with a disability (Transport cluster)
  • Waste management in local government (Local government)
  • Councils management of an activity (Local government)
  • Mental health support services in schools (Education cluster)
April to June 2019 quarter
  • Governance of local health districts (Health cluster)
  • Amalgamation: Managing staffing implications (Local government)
  • Managing the growth of the NSW prison population (Justice cluster)
  • Grants to non‑government organisations by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS cluster)
  • Ensuring contract management capability in government (FSI cluster)
  • Aboriginal health plan (Health cluster)
  • Management of native vegetation (Planning and Environment cluster)
  • Biosecurity risk management (Industry cluster)

* The Auditor‑General has the discretion to add new audits to this program and to change the timing of audits.