Auditor-General's introduction

Picture of the Auditor-General for New South Wales, Margaret Crawford

The Audit Office holds a privileged position as one of a small number of independent agencies that provide checks and balances integral to our system of government.

While our core business is the conduct of audits, our aim is to provide the entities we audit and Parliament with broader insights that inform and challenge government to improve outcomes for citizens.

Like any agency, we don’t have unlimited resources and must target our efforts to make the most of the resources at our disposal. The purpose of this audit work plan is to explain how we decide what to focus on, and what we intend to cover in the next year. It is also intended to give Parliament, the entities we audit and the broader community some certainty over future topics and the timing of our reports. That said, if circumstances change, or I receive requests for an audit, I reserve the right to add new audits or change the timing of planned audits.

We would welcome any comments you may have to improve either the audit work plan, the processes we adopt, or our decisions. We promote continuous improvement among the entities we audit, and therefore also want to continuously improve the things we do and way we do them.


Margaret Crawford

31 July 2018