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The Audit Office of New South Wales is the independent auditor of the New South Wales public sector.

The Audit Office reports directly to parliament on the New South Wales government’s financial statements and use of public money.

We help the New South Wales public sector improve its performance for the benefit of the community.


29 Aug 2014 Annual Report 2013/14
The Auditor-General, Grant Hehir, released the Annual Report 2013/14 for the Audit Office of New South Wales today. The report summarise the activities and performance of the Audit Office of the past financial year against the main objectives, strategies and targets in the Audit Office strategic ...
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10 Jul 2014 Managing Contaminated Sites
NSW Government agencies with large landholdings need to better manage their contaminated sites. When contaminated sites are reported to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) there are long delays in assessing the extent of contamination. The EPA also lacks the management controls to ensure th ...
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1 Jul 2014 Volume Three 2014 Focusing on Parliamentarians Entitlements
New South Wales Members of Parliament, when spending their additional entitlements, substantially complied with the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination for the year-ended 30 June 2013. The Sydney Allowance continues to be the entitlement where Members are most likely not to follow th ...
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26 Jun 2014 Making the most of government purchasing power - telecommunications
The Auditor-General has found that agencies have consistently failed to negotiate the best price for their telecommunication contracts and are not getting value for money because of inadequate contract and expense management processes. The audit examined six agencies to assess whether the government ...
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5 Jun 2014 Use of purchasing cards and electronic payment methods
In December 2011, the NSW Government instructed agencies to use purchasing cards for all transactions below $3,000 and to replace cheques with Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) where applicable. Around 85 per cent of government transactions are below $3,000. When managed properly, such payment method ...
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