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The Audit Office of New South Wales is the independent auditor of the New South Wales public sector.

The Audit Office reports directly to parliament on the New South Wales government’s financial statements and use of public money.

We help the New South Wales public sector improve its performance for the benefit of the community.


Reintegrating young people into the community after detention
On any given day there are around 280 young people in detention in New South Wales. They include some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community. Many are from unstable families, have poor education skills, use illicit drugs, and have suffered trauma. In New South Wales, Juveni ...
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New Auditor-General starting soon
Margaret Crawford, the new Auditor-General, will be commencing with the Audit Office of New South Wales on Monday 4 April 2016. The Premier announced the selection of Margaret Crawford to the position of Auditor-General, New South Wales, on 2 February 2016.
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Managing unsolicited proposals in New South Wales
Overall, the governance arrangements for unsolicited proposals are adequate. However, there needs to be greater transparency and public reporting on unsolicited proposals received by government, according to a report released today by the NSW Acting Auditor-General, Tony Whitfield.
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Performance frameworks in custodial centre operations
The effectiveness of Corrective Services NSW’s performance framework is limited because organisational key performance indicators (KPIs) do not cascade to public correctional centres, according to a report released today by the Acting New South Wales Auditor-General, Tony Whitfield.
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Volume One 2016 Areas of focus from 2015
The quality and timeliness of financial reporting continued to improve across the NSW public sector in 2015, according to a report released today by the Acting Auditor-General of New South Wales, Tony Whitfield. The report focuses on key observations from the 2015 financial and performance audits.
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