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The Audit Office of New South Wales is the independent auditor of the New South Wales public sector.

The Audit Office reports directly to parliament on the New South Wales government’s financial statements and use of public money.

We help the New South Wales public sector improve its performance for the benefit of the community.


Pricing approach provides transparency
The Acting Auditor-General of New South Wales, Tony Whitfield, has published the Audit Office’s ‘pricing approach’. This publication is fundamental to providing transparency in the way we set our prices. It explains our pricing model, including how we set our hourly charge-out rates for each role.
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Identifying productivity in the public sector
Today the Acting Auditor-General of New South Wales, Tony Whitfield, released a report on productivity in the NSW public sector. This report examines selected areas of government activity to see if sufficient information was available to identify and assess changes in productivity. The areas examine ...
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Additional Entitlements for Members of Parliament
NSW Members of Parliament, when spending their additional entitlements, generally complied with the requirements of the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination for the year ended 30 June 2014. The Sydney Allowance and Member declarations about
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Efficiency and effectiveness in tax collection
This performance audit looked at whether the Office of State Revenue was effective in collecting as much tax as it should, and at the lowest cost to the government. The Office of State Revenue (OSR) plays a crucial role in collecting revenue for NSW Government. About one-third of the money spent on ...
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Implementing performance audit recommendations
NSW Government agencies have sound processes for implementing performance audit recommendations in Auditor-General’s Reports to Parliament. There are many cases of good practice. For example, some agencies formed a steering committee and developed a detailed plan to implement recommendations. Anothe ...
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