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The Audit Office of New South Wales is the independent auditor of the New South Wales public sector.

The Audit Office reports directly to parliament on the New South Wales government’s financial statements and use of public money.

We help the New South Wales public sector improve its performance for the benefit of the community.


Monitoring food safety practices in retail food businesses
New South Wales has a lower rate of foodborne illness than the national average. This reflects some good practices in the NSW Food Authority’s approach to monitoring food safety standards. It also is a factor of the long-standing commitment by local councils’ to ensuring retail food businesses meet ...
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Annual Report 2015-16
Auditor-General, Margaret Crawford, released the Annual Report 2015-16 for the Audit Office of New South Wales today. The report summarise the activities and performance of the Audit Office of the past financial year against the main goals and strategies in the Audit Office strategic plan. As we ...
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Sale and lease of Crown land
Crown land is land owned by the State of New South Wales. Some Crown land is used for public purposes like sports and recreation, while other Crown land is managed and protected for its environmental or heritage value. Crown land can also be leased, licensed or sold.
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Red tape reduction
Overall, NSW Government initiatives and processes to prevent and reduce red tape were not effective, according to a report released today by the NSW Auditor-General. In 2015, the government reported that its red tape reduction initiatives, implemented between 2011 and 2015, had resulted in $896 mil ...
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Volume Three 2016 Additional Entitlements for Members of Parliament
For the year ended 30 June 2015, NSW Members of Parliament generally complied with the requirements of the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination when spending their additional entitlements, according to a report released today by the New South Wales Auditor-General, Margaret Crawford.
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